Welcome to CarinG Hands Shepherds

Our mission: Here at CarinG Hands Shepherds we provide the best quality companion dog and providing a caring and loving environment for our furry family members.

This is Brandy and K.C. The German Shepherd that started our love affair with is wonderful Breed of Dog.

In the photo above is the beautiful KC, our beloved GSD that showed us the light and beauty of this great breed. When she entered our lives resulted into a love affair with this intelligent, loyal, and confident breed. Check out our photo galleries for more photos of our cherished family members.

Here at CarinG Hands shepherds we specialize in Solid black and bi-blacks. Just like any other breed of dog the German shepherd is a bred that is easily found through out the county and buyers have plenty of choices to pick from. With the bred being so popular and so many breeders you can fall victim to impulse buying and end up with a poorly bred dog. To acquire a quality puppy, you first must search out a quality breeder who is dedicated to preserving the high quality the German shepherd bred has to offer and that’s what we provide here at CarinG Hands Shepherds.

We have a commitment of excellence and dedication to our dogs and you. we do not believe the relationship with our Furry family members new owner ends with the sale of our GSD. We truly try our best to educate our new owner on what to expect and help them have a good comprehension of what one has when they own a GSD from puppy to adult. Our goal is to help you be the best possible and well-prepared owner of your new furry family member. Having the correct knowledge of what to expect and how to handle in will make your new companion and your family’s life much easier. Remember Knowledge is key.

All CarinG Hands Shepherds puppies for sale come with a health and temperament guarantee, all our GSD are pure bred and registered with the American Kennel Club. All CarinG Hands Shepherds are socialized from birth and on. We treat Each GSD as part of our family because well the are! From the moment they are born they are being interacted with my 3 young child and adults throughout the developing stages. Everyone our beautiful puppies are confident, Intelligent, very eager to please and above all else healthy. Every puppy will be up to date on their age appropriate vaccinations, dewormed and well socialized.

When you walk your dog down the street, people will say

"Wow! where did you get that dog?"

Our dogs turn heads - a dog you will be proud of, and safe with.
These dogs are so smart and alert, you may at times, question your own intellect.

We hear this all the time: "We just want a pet"

Ask Yourself: "Are you looking for an ugly dog of poor quality, questionable temperament, health & heritage?"
Ask Yourself: "Do you want something that resembles a German Shepherd, or are you looking for an excellent companion dog that will provide your family with hours of enjoyment?"

We cannot stress enough that the health, happiness and well being of our puppies is of the utmost importance to us. CarinG Hands reserves the right to refuse the sale of any of our Shepherd to anyone if we believe that it would not be a good fit for our GSDs.

Please be sure to visit our photo galleries and we look forward to sharing our family with yours.